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What kind of boat equipment is available for fishing boats

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What kind of boat equipment is available for fishing boats

Fishing boats are used for fishing and harvesting aquatic animals and plants. Fishing boats also include some of the auxiliary vessels used in modern fishing production, such as those for processing, transporting, breeding, resource surveys, fisheries instruction, and training, as well as for carrying out fisheries administration tasks. Preservation of freshness is one of the important functions of fishing boats in order to ensure the quality of the catch. Good boat equipment is therefore very important. Do you know what boat equipment is available for fishing boats?

Here is the content list:

• Power units

• Fishing devices

• Preservation and processing equipment

• Fishing boat tonnage and inspection

Power units

The main engine power of fishing boats is generally 1.5 to 4.5 kilowatts per gross ton, with some as high as 6 to 7 kilowatts. Large and medium-sized fishing boats will be equipped with freezing and processing equipment, and the engine power is 65% to 85% of the main engine power. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of the fishing boat's main engine, fishing winch, refrigeration device, air compressor, etc. on board are often driven by the main engine, increasing the complexity of the power unit. For fishing boats with variable working conditions, adjustable pitch propellers, and boosters are often used to make reasonable use of the main engine power and improve the maneuverability, flexibility, and steering performance of the boat.

Fishing devices

Fishing boats have many different and complex types of fishing machinery, with a large power capacity. Trawling fishing boats use winches, and the pulling force and speed vary according to the depth of the water, the fishing gear, the size of the boat, and the power of the main engine. Longline fishing boats are equipped with a line handler, reel, release, and baiting machine.

Preservation and processing equipment

For coastal and offshore fishing boats, ice storage at around 0℃ is mainly used to preserve freshness; for small and medium-sized purse seine fishing boats, cold seawater at around -1℃ is mainly used to preserve freshness; for fishing boats operating far away from fishing ports, low temperature freezing such as plate freezing and tunnel below freezing is used, and some fishing boats use light salt low-temperature preservation or micro-freezing at around -3℃. We can provide different preservation and processing facilities according to the needs of our customers.

Fishing boat tonnage and inspection

Small and medium-sized fishing boats around the world generally range from tens to hundreds of tonnes; large fishing boats can reach thousands of tonnes, or even more than 40,000 gross tonnes. To ensure the safety of the fishing boats, they are regularly inspected during construction and use.

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