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25. July 2019
2020 year Shanghai Boat Show.

2020 China (Shanghai) 25th International Boat and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and 2020 Shanghai International Boat Show will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), 50000m2 presents a panoramic view of the entire industry chain of yachts. The flagship exhibition o

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16. December 2022
How is the daily maintenance of aluminum boats?

I will tell you how to do the usual maintenance and maintenance of the aluminum boat.

aluminum sport fishing boat yamane yacht (17).jpg
21. April 2023
Brief introduction of aluminum pontoon boat

An aluminum pontoon boat is a kind of ship with a pontoon as the main hull, and its main hull material is aluminum alloy. An aluminum pontoon vessel is a large ship with good structure and usage performance, which is widely used in marine engineering, waterway construction, maintenance, etc. The structure of an aluminum pontoon boat is simple, low cost can adapt to various harsh environments, and has good waterproof and wave resistance. At the same time, it can keep the ship stable under the condition of big wind and waves and has a significant effect on reducing sailing resistance and energy consumption.

aluminum house pontoon boat yamane (12).jpg
10. March 2023
A brief introduction to house boats

A house boat is a boat specifically designed to meet the needs of the owner, based on the common needs of family living and recreation. When moored in a fixed location, house boats can usually rely on land-based water and power facilities to operate. When cruising on the water, the house boat's own system is fully capable of ensuring its normal operation. Many owners affectionately refer to their house boats as "mobile homes on the water".

aluminum house pontoon boat yamane (12).jpg
14. March 2023
What is the development status of fiberglass fishing boats

A fishing boat is a generic term for a vessel that catches, processes, and transports fish. In addition, the fishing boat can also be used as a tool for family recreation, sports with friends, and sightseeing fishing in the park. Our fishing boat uses marine aluminum grade 5083 with CCS, as well as our company has skilled welding technology and self-draining design. Our fishing boats are widely sold all over the country, and we have 15 years of experience in boat building. So do you know what is the development status of fiberglass fishing boats?

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25. April 2023
A short introduction to patrol boats

Patrol boats are small surface vessels used to perform patrol and vigilance or maintain border order in rivers and near-shore waters. Patrol boats are mainly tasked with escorting navigation and fishing, searching and rescue, border guard traffic, and coping with emergencies. Patrol boats are equipped with small-caliber guns, machine guns, and equipment needed to accomplish certain special tasks. At present, patrol boats are not only used for military purposes but also have a wide range of uses in civil society. Here we introduce the knowledge about patrol boats.

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