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Yamane Ryu Yacht manufacturing co.,LTD is a sino-Japan joint boat manufacturer have more than 15 years experience.

Main produce fiberglass and aluminum fishing boat, landing craft transport boat, patrol pilot ambulance police rescue work boat, pontoon boat, house boat, panga boat, steel fishing vessel trawler, catamaran and passenger boat.

Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS, skilled welding and self draining.Resin gelcoat and other Material for fiberglass boat with CCS/DNV.In accordance with strict and advanced manufacturing processes.
Our boats widely sell to USA, Japan, Australia, NZ, Asia, Europe, Africa and so on. Let us produce your boat, your own brand boat.



We have more than 15 years experience


We mainly produce more than 10 categories of boats


Our ships are widely sold to more than 18 countries and regions


We produce boats for government, groups, tourist, personal...


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Fishing Boat

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Fiberglass fishing boat, professional sport fishing boat, for family fishing fun, can make hard top with railing for tower fishing, design for both stable and cut wave, have perfect performance even in hard sea condition.

Passenger Boat

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Different size and different pax capacity fiberglass and aluminum passenger boat, monomer ship/ catamaran, for transport passengers, tourist and travel and so on. Use fiberglass and aluminum material all with certifications, under deck with foam flotation.

Pontoon Boat

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Aluminum pontoon boat, CE approved, skilled welding, pontoon tube inside with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum with CCS certifications, pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue, can with second/double deck with slide for family pleasure.

Commercial Fishing Vessel

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Steel/fiberglass/aluminum commercial fishing vessel for deep sea fishing/long liner fishing/tuna fishing and so on professional fishing vessel, with different size, Use fiberglass and aluminum steel material all with certifications.

Landing Craft

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Aluminum landing craft barge for transport material, cargo, vehicles, passengers, oil, fishing farm working and so on multi-purpose/function, with big load capacity and big deck room, ce approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications.

Patrol Pilot Boat

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Fiberglass and aluminum patrol pilot rescue police military ambulance work boat, ce ISO approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications, fiberglass material with certifications, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Provide boats for different governments and groups.

Al Fishing Boat

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Australia/NZ standard aluminum boat, CE approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications, Aluminum fishing boat for sport fishing, pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue/family, house boat for living on water , yacht, aluminum landing craft. Patrol pilot work boat and so on.

House Boat

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Aluminum house pontoon boat, CE approved, skilled welding, pontoon tube inside with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum with CCS certifications, house pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue/welding/living on water and so on, inside can with bed rooms, toilet room, kitchen, sofa tables and so on, internal decoration can customized.

Panga Boat

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Different size panga boat can open or with cabin, for transport person, fish farm, tourist and so on.


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Different size Walk around or full cabin yacht for fishing and family.


Catamaran Sailing Boat

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Catamaran sailing boat for passengers or personal.


Diving Boat

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Diving boat with holes for tanks, camera, for diving, whale watch.


Why Choose Us

More than 15 years experience, produce technology from Japan and Australia, laser cutting and skilled welding for aluminum boats use marine aluminum 5083, good fiberglass boats mold made by ourself and good quality boats with perfect performance on sea. Material use for aluminum boats and fiberglass boats with certifications. Fiberglass boat use PP honeycomb which is a kind of material use for produce airplane, pp honeycomb both sides paste with frp which more strong, durable, light save fuel consumption, produce boats keep standard Humidity and temperature,  Boats under deck with foam flotation never sink.

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The Advantages of Aluminum Catamaran Passenger Ferries
Aluminum catamaran passenger ferries combine the lightweight strength of aluminum with the stability of a catamaran design, offering excellent performance, efficiency, and versatility. Join us as we explore the myriad advantages of aluminum catamaran passenger ferries and their role in shaping the future of water transportation.
How to Choose and Use Aluminum Patrol Boats
Embarking on the journey to select an aluminum patrol boat can be as exciting as daunting, especially for beginners. These vessels are vital for various activities, from law enforcement operations to search and rescue missions. Understanding the nuances of what makes a good aluminum patrol boat can significantly impact your ability to perform these tasks effectively. This guide is tailored to demystify the process, providing you with the foundational knowledge needed to make an informed decision.
Comprehensive Guide to Aluminum Landing Crafts
In this guide, we will explore the basics of aluminum landing crafts, including their types, benefits, selection tips, and maintenance advice. We hope this can help you learn more about these versatile boats, and make a more informed decision.
What can aluminum landing craft be used for?
With the development of the marine industry, aluminum shipbuilding has become the main trend nowadays. Aluminum landing craft has also become the choice of many people. Both sea fishing aluminum landing craft and transportation aluminum landing craft are no longer unfamiliar and have become the firs
What are the advantages of our fishing boats
Our fishing boat can be a Fiberglass fishing boat, or a professional sport fishing boat, for family fishing fun, which can make the hard top with railing for tower fishing, is designed for both stable and cut waves and has perfect performance even in hard sea conditions.
What kind of boat equipment is available for fishing boats
Fishing boats are used for fishing and harvesting aquatic animals and plants. Fishing boats also include some of the auxiliary vessels used in modern fishing production, such as those for processing, transporting, breeding, resource surveys, fisheries instruction, and training, as well as for carrying out fisheries administration tasks. Preservation of freshness is one of the important functions of fishing boats in order to ensure the quality of the catch. Good boat equipment is therefore very important.
Types And Function of Ship Anchors
Anchor generally refers to ship anchors, which are the main components of mooring equipment. Iron parking equipment, which is chained to the ship and thrown under the water, can make the boat stop. Today we will introduce anchors in detail.
What Are The Advantages of Aluminum Fishing Boats
Our fishing boats have a sturdy construction and perfect sea performance. Our company uses cad laser cutting for fishing boats, which allows us to mass produce fishing boats accurately and quickly. We are skilled in welding and self-draining, the foam pontoons under the deck of the fishing boat never sink, the hull is professionally and beautifully painted and the cabins can be removed. So do you know what the advantages of aluminum fishing boats are?




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