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Yamane Ryu Yacht manufacturing co.,LTD is a sino-Japan joint boat manufacturer have more than 15 years experience.

Main produce fiberglass and aluminum fishing boat, landing craft transport boat, patrol pilot ambulance police rescue work boat, pontoon boat, house boat, panga boat, steel fishing vessel trawler, catamaran and passenger boat.

Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS, skilled welding and self draining.Resin gelcoat and other Material for fiberglass boat with CCS/DNV.In accordance with strict and advanced manufacturing processes.
Our boats widely sell to USA, Japan, Australia, NZ, Asia, Europe, Africa and so on. Let us produce your boat, your own brand boat.



We have more than 15 years experience


We mainly produce more than 10 categories of boats


Our ships are widely sold to more than 18 countries and regions


We produce boats for government, groups, tourist, personal...

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Fishing Boat

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Fiberglass fishing boat, professional sport fishing boat, for family fishing fun, can make hard top with railing for tower fishing, design for both stable and cut wave, have perfect performance even in hard sea condition.

Passenger Boat

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Different size and different pax capacity fiberglass and aluminum passenger boat, monomer ship/ catamaran, for transport passengers, tourist and travel and so on. Use fiberglass and aluminum material all with certifications, under deck with foam flotation.

Pontoon Boat

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Aluminum pontoon boat, CE approved, skilled welding, pontoon tube inside with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum with CCS certifications, pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue, can with second/double deck with slide for family pleasure.

Commercial Fishing Vessel

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Steel/fiberglass/aluminum commercial fishing vessel for deep sea fishing/long liner fishing/tuna fishing and so on professional fishing vessel, with different size, Use fiberglass and aluminum steel material all with certifications.

Landing Craft

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Aluminum landing craft barge for transport material, cargo, vehicles, passengers, oil, fishing farm working and so on multi-purpose/function, with big load capacity and big deck room, ce approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications.

Patrol Pilot Boat

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Fiberglass and aluminum patrol pilot rescue police military ambulance work boat, ce ISO approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications, fiberglass material with certifications, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Provide boats for different governments and groups.

Al Fishing Boat

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Australia/NZ standard aluminum boat, CE approved, skilled welding, self draining, under deck with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum 5083 grade with CCS certifications, Aluminum fishing boat for sport fishing, pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue/family, house boat for living on water , yacht, aluminum landing craft. Patrol pilot work boat and so on.

House Boat

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Aluminum house pontoon boat, CE approved, skilled welding, pontoon tube inside with foam flotation never sink. Use marine aluminum with CCS certifications, house pontoon boat for rental/party/barbecue/welding/living on water and so on, inside can with bed rooms, toilet room, kitchen, sofa tables and so on, internal decoration can customized.

Panga Boat

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Different size panga boat can open or with cabin, for transport person, fish farm, tourist and so on.


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Different size Walk around or full cabin yacht for fishing and family.


Catamaran Sailing Boat

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Catamaran sailing boat for passengers or personal.


Diving Boat

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Diving boat with holes for tanks, camera, for diving, whale watch.


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More than 15 years experience, produce technology from Japan and Australia, laser cutting and skilled welding for aluminum boats use marine aluminum 5083, good fiberglass boats mold made by ourself and good quality boats with perfect performance on sea. Material use for aluminum boats and fiberglass boats with certifications. Fiberglass boat use PP honeycomb which is a kind of material use for produce airplane, pp honeycomb both sides paste with frp which more strong, durable, light save fuel consumption, produce boats keep standard Humidity and temperature,  Boats under deck with foam flotation never sink.

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2020 year Shanghai Boat Show.
2020 China (Shanghai) 25th International Boat and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and 2020 Shanghai International Boat Show will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), 50000m2 presents a panoramic view of the entire industry chain of yachts. The flagship exhibition o
How is the daily maintenance of aluminum boats?
I will tell you how to do the usual maintenance and maintenance of the aluminum boat.
Brief introduction of aluminum pontoon boat
An aluminum pontoon boat is a kind of ship with a pontoon as the main hull, and its main hull material is aluminum alloy. An aluminum pontoon vessel is a large ship with good structure and usage performance, which is widely used in marine engineering, waterway construction, maintenance, etc. The structure of an aluminum pontoon boat is simple, low cost can adapt to various harsh environments, and has good waterproof and wave resistance. At the same time, it can keep the ship stable under the condition of big wind and waves and has a significant effect on reducing sailing resistance and energy consumption.
A brief introduction to house boats
A house boat is a boat specifically designed to meet the needs of the owner, based on the common needs of family living and recreation. When moored in a fixed location, house boats can usually rely on land-based water and power facilities to operate. When cruising on the water, the house boat's own system is fully capable of ensuring its normal operation. Many owners affectionately refer to their house boats as "mobile homes on the water".
What is the development status of fiberglass fishing boats
A fishing boat is a generic term for a vessel that catches, processes, and transports fish. In addition, the fishing boat can also be used as a tool for family recreation, sports with friends, and sightseeing fishing in the park. Our fishing boat uses marine aluminum grade 5083 with CCS, as well as our company has skilled welding technology and self-draining design. Our fishing boats are widely sold all over the country, and we have 15 years of experience in boat building. So do you know what is the development status of fiberglass fishing boats?
A short introduction to patrol boats
Patrol boats are small surface vessels used to perform patrol and vigilance or maintain border order in rivers and near-shore waters. Patrol boats are mainly tasked with escorting navigation and fishing, searching and rescue, border guard traffic, and coping with emergencies. Patrol boats are equipped with small-caliber guns, machine guns, and equipment needed to accomplish certain special tasks. At present, patrol boats are not only used for military purposes but also have a wide range of uses in civil society. Here we introduce the knowledge about patrol boats.
The difference and purchase of an aluminum boat
Aluminum boats are lighter than iron and wooden boats. They have better structural strength and better corrosion resistance than iron boats. Aluminum boats have long maintenance intervals, which are better than iron boats. Generally, the factories that manufacture aluminum boats are naval shipyards that eliminate welding stress, and the overall strength of the hull is very good. Safety at sea is the primary concern of every ship owner. Aluminum does not burn in the atmosphere and will not catch fire, and many navies and coast guards use alloy boats due to the advantages and functionality that aluminum provides. Next, let's take a look at the difference and purchase of aluminum boats.
Material selection advantages of aluminum alloy for aluminum boat
Aluminum has been used in the industry for a long time and has achieved excellent results. Aluminum has gradually become the main material for painting boats, fishing boats, yachts, etc., and aluminum is very good in terms of corrosion resistance and cost. And after so long of research aluminum alloy became the main material for general-purpose boats, replacing wood. Now aluminum ambulance boat is more and more popular among people. In the long-term development, the boats have gradually changed from wood to metal, and aluminum boats have gradually entered people's field of vision. An aluminum boat is a kind of large-scale marine driving equipment. Its components are very complicated. When purchasing, you need to consider many factors to ensure that you will not buy inferior aluminum boats. Next, let's take a look at the selection advantages of aluminum alloys for aluminum boats.




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