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What can aluminum landing craft be used for?

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With the development of the marine industry, aluminum shipbuilding has become the main trend nowadays. Aluminum landing craft has also become the choice of many people. Both sea fishing aluminum landing craft and transportation aluminum landing craft are no longer unfamiliar and have become the first choice for many families and businesses. Below we introduce some of the applications of aluminum alloy for boat building.

Here is the content list:

l Aluminum landing craft applications

l Advantages of aluminum landing craft

l Existing problems

Aluminum landing craft applications

1. Fast boats and high-speed boats

Long-term navigation at sea requires materials with good corrosion resistance and weldability. As early as 1988, China built the "Flying Fish" hydrofoil with 5A01 alloy plates, profiles, forgings, and welding wires, using semi-automatic melt-pulse argon arc welding and steel rotary tire frame-lama equipment. This is the most advanced development direction of aluminum landing craft.

2. Workboat

The aluminum hull does not require much maintenance. Durable and faster, it makes boats more economical and efficient for those in the marine industry. Many families living by the sea choose aluminum landing craft as a convenient means of transportation or a means of getting around.

3. LNG Cargo Ship

LNG (which can replace oil as a source of energy and will be needed more urgently in the event of an oil crisis) is made by liquefying natural gas at temperatures below - 162°C. Therefore, metals with good cryogenic properties are required for the storage and transportation of LNG. Aluminum alloy, nickel steel, and stainless steel are generally used, and aluminum alloy has good resistance to seawater corrosion, so they tend to use light-weight and have good welding performance of the aluminum alloy. This is the most practical application direction of aluminum landing craft, which can effectively solve the problem for many enterprises and reduce the economic investment in transportation.

Advantages of aluminum landing craft

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity and modulus of elasticity, corrosion resistance, weldability, easy processing, non-magnetic and good low-temperature performance, etc., and has many advantages for ships. Because the specific gravity of aluminum landing craft is small, so it can reduce the weight of the ship, can reduce the single-engine capacity, can increase the speed. Also can reduce fuel consumption, saving fuel. A well-designed aluminum landing craft can improve the aspect ratio of the boat, increase stability, make the boat easy to maneuver, increase the load capacity, and gain extra profit. Aluminum landing craft has good corrosion resistance, which can reduce maintenance costs such as oiling and can extend the service life (usually more than 20 years).

Existing problems

Although aluminum landing craft is important for the lightweight of ship transportation, they also have the defect of high price, which hinders their popularization. Especially in the use of structural parts of ship transportation tools, if the same parts use aluminum alloy materials, the price is more than three times that of steel materials, ship transportation tools need continuous and large-scale production and manufacturing to effectively control the production cost, and there are high requirements for the stability of raw material prices. The application of aluminum landing craft in the field of ship transportation has been carried out, but there are still some technical problems that affect the promotion and use of aluminum materials.

The above is some application scope and advantages of aluminum landing craft. I hope this article will be helpful to your future choice.




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