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The characterics of the tug boat

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Tug boats are ships used to tow barges and ships. The characteristics of the tug boat are firm structure, good stability, small hull, high main engine power, large traction, and good maneuverability, but it has no loading and unloading capacity. Tug boat mainly tows barges carrying materials and various operational vessels. According to the different areas of use, tug boats can be divided into ocean-going tugs, inland tugs, coastal tugs, port tugs, marine rescue tugs, and other types. Today I will introduce the tug boat in detail.

Here is the content list

l Classification of tug boats

l Design features

Classification of tugboats

(1) Transport tug boat.

It is a river and sea tug boat whose main task is to tow the barge fleet. The advantage of this mode of transportation is more economical. Tug boats with the further development of towing transportation and top-push fleets are used in inland rivers with better channel conditions and coastal areas with gentle wind and waves. The main advantage of the jacking fleet is that the total resistance of the fleet is reduced, and the wake of the tug propeller does not affect the barge resistance. Eliminating the drag loss caused by the towline. Therefore, the hydrodynamic performance is better than that of the tug boat fleet. The number of crew members on the barge can be reduced, or even made into an unmanned barge, which is more economical. Learning from the experience of foreign countries in using the top push fleet, China has studied and promoted the push barge fleet transportation since the late 70s of the 20th century and has achieved good results in the river-sea combined transportation of Hanshui, Yangtze River, Heilongjiang, Yellow River, and Bohai. And now become the main way of inland river freight.

(2) Rescue tug boats.

It is mainly used to rescue shipwrecked ships at sea. It is equipped with drainage, fire extinguishing, and diving operations. So it can supply oil, water, and power to wrecked ships. It can also tow back the wrecked ships.

(3) Tug boats for marine development.

It is used for towing, anchoring, feeding, water, and land transportation, and is generally a multi-purpose tug.

The above is divided according to its use, such as according to the navigation area can be divided into inland tug boats, port tugs, coastal tugs, and ocean-going tug boats.

Design features

1: Transport tug boats and pushers.

The basic premise should be to ensure maximum towing force when towing or jacking, and should have good course stability, rudder force, and reversing performance (especially pushing ships) to control the barge fleet.

2: Auxiliary operation tug boat.

Its maneuvering flexibility and reversing performance are important for the operation, so the captain should be short. And it is advisable to use a 360° full rotary duct propeller. In addition to paying attention to the drag force when towing, the free speed should be properly taken into account.

3: Salvage tug boat.

No matter how bad the sea conditions are. The tug boat can rush to the crash site as soon as possible to carry out rescue, so wind resistance is particularly important. In addition, the requirements for free speed and seakeeping performance are also high, and the drag force when towing is also important. Therefore, this type of tug boat is often equipped with a more powerful main engine and uses double oars and adjustable pitch propellers.

The above has done a detailed understanding of the tug boat. His classification is presented, as the role of the different tug boats. Because his role is different, the design is also different.




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