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Patrol boat common fault analysis

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With the development of science and technology and the application of various high-tech in civilian, patrol boat is not only used for the military, many individuals or enterprises also exist in the use of patrol boats. But any product in the use of the process will appear failure, and how to quickly and correctly solve the failure has become a major problem. Most of the time, we can't find professional patrol boat repair personnel, and then we need to master some patrol boat repair skills ourselves. Here we introduce several common patrol boat failures and the solution measures.

Here is the content list:

l The diesel engine can't start

l The patrol boat cannot stop the ship

l A diesel engine can not start

The diesel engine can't start

This situation indicates that the diesel engine fuel system of the patrol boat is faulty, resulting in the diesel engine cannot start. There are several common faults in the fuel system as follows. Poor fuel quality. No fuel in the daily oil cabinet or the fuel valve is not open. The fuel line or filter has air, fuel pipe or filter is blocked. The ship's navigation safety, therefore, in daily management, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the patrol ship's fuel system.

The patrol boat cannot stop the ship

When the operating handle of the throttle is moved to the "stop" position, the diesel engine still continues to run and the patrol boat cannot stop. The first thing to consider is that there is a problem with the fuel supply system, and there are several reasons. The oil volume adjustment lever (or throttle lever) travel is not enough or improperly adjusted. The high-pressure oil pump "zero" is not well adjusted, when the throttle handle is moved to the "stop" position, the cylinder of the high-pressure oil pump did not immediately stop supplying oil, there is one or several injection pumps continue to supply oil, and so the diesel engine can not stop. When we encounter this situation, we have to do the correct treatment in order to resume the navigation of the patrol boat. First, open the fuel cabinet drain valve, drain part of the fuel, check the quality of the oil, whether it contains impurities or water, turn on the fuel pump, open the return valve, check whether the fuel pump is damaged, whether the pipeline, filter is clear or there is leakage. If so, clean the fuel cabinet, pipeline, and filter. Next, disassemble and check the fuel injection pump and injector, check whether the injection pump plunger bites, whether the drain valve is stuck, worn, or broken spring, whether the injector nozzle is blocked; clean the relevant parts, check whether there is wear, stuck, bites, a blockage if so, replace the parts, and clean the fuel filter and pipeline.

A diesel engine can not start

Patrol boat the diesel engine start, only hear the sound of mechanical operation, and can not hear the sound of ignition burst. This indicates that the diesel engine fuel system failed, resulting in the diesel engine can not start. Fuel system common failures are as follows. The oil pump plunger straight slot is right to the return hole. Check carefully whether the model of the assembled plunger coupling is consistent with the injection pump, the same plunger sleeve jacket can have different plunger diameters, if the plunger diameter is installed wrong, it is impossible to achieve the normal oil supply effect.

The above are several common failures of patrol boats and solutions, hope it will help you in your life.




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