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How many types of passenger boats do you know?

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How many types of passenger boats do you know?

A passenger boat means a transport boat carrying passengers as well as luggage and mail. According to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), any boat carrying 12 or more passengers is a passenger boat, whether or not it also carries cargo. However, the staff on board and those rescued in maritime rescue cannot be counted as passengers. Below we will introduce several types of passenger boats commonly found in life.

Here is the content list:

l Ocean-going passenger boats

l Tour boat

l Car passenger boat

l Inland river passenger boat

Ocean-going passenger boats

There are two types of ocean passenger boats, ocean-going passenger boats, and coastal passenger and cargo boats. Ocean-going passenger boats were developed in the 1840s when all of them were mixed passenger and cargo boats, and later, due to the increase of passenger and cargo flow, passenger transportation and cargo transportation was gradually separated, and large ocean-going passenger boats that purely transport passengers were differentiated. Ocean-going passenger boats used to be called "mail boats" because they carried mail at the same time. Large ocean-going passenger boats are generally larger than 10,000 gross tons, with speeds above 20 nautical miles per hour, 2~3 cabin classes, and more public activity places on board.

Tour boat

Tourist boats are similar to large ocean-going passenger boats, generally cruising around the scenic sea or sailing regularly around the world, and incidentally engaged in inter-port traffic. Tourist boats should meet the requirements of tourists, and at the same time can make tourists achieve the purpose of convalescence, vacation, cultural entertainment, social activities, and so on. Bedrooms and public places are also graded and mostly separated by drapery. The bedrooms are arranged in the first part to keep quiet, and the public places are various and all have a wide view. Tourist boats have shallow draught, large range, and anti-shaking devices to make navigation as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Car passenger boat

A car passenger boat is a kind of coastal passenger boat developed in the early 1960s, mainly for transporting passengers and carrying their own cars, with an extremely short time in port and high efficiency. Nowadays, the important short- and medium-range regular routes and train ferry routes in the developed countries of sea transportation have basically adopted the car passenger boat. The draft of this kind of boat is shallow, the width of the boat is bigger, and it adopts a double propeller and single rudder, with an anti-rocking fin and side-thrusting device. The main engine is a medium-speed diesel engine, and the entrances and exits of the engine room are placed on the side to facilitate the front and rear passage of the vehicle deck (first or second floor) under the upper deck. Most of the cars get on and off the boat through the movable bridge at the pier by the large opening doors at the bow and stern.

Inland river passenger boat

A river passenger boat is a traditional passenger boat sailing on rivers and lakes. They carry a large number of passengers, make frequent stops, and mostly load and unload small amounts of general cargo and mail at the floating dock through the gangway. The main structure is thin, and if the flow speed of the section is less than 3 meters per second, it may not have a double bottom.

The above is an introduction to several common passenger boats, hope it will help you in your future life.




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