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How do we protect ourselves against typhoons when using a fishing boat

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Our fishing boats are made of excellent corrosion-resistant materials and are resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, most organic substances, seawater, and moisture. In addition to this, they are also resistant to the action of microorganisms. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for use in rainy, humid, and coastal areas, as well as in areas where corrosive media are present. But it is also very important to protect the fishing boat against typhoons, which can be very costly if we are not careful. So do you know how to protect yourself against typhoons when using a fishing boat?

Here is the content list:

•Prepare in advance

•Strictly observe the regulations on typhoon protection

•Observe after typhoon

Prepare in advance

We must listen to local and destination weather forecasts and water level advisories, especially typhoon and rainstorm warnings before we use our fishing boats. We must make early and decisive decisions based on the trend of typhoons and rainstorms, their impact, and the ability of the fishing boat to withstand the wind and the conditions of the area. Before typhoons and rainstorms arrive, we take measures to unload and fasten the cargo, work equipment, and other movable objects that are not in use on board. In addition, we check the loading of the fishing boat, keep it balanced, and close all doors, windows, and covers on board to ensure the safety of personnel.

Strictly observe the regulations on typhoon protection

We should strictly adhere to typhoon and ship wind resistance class regulations. If a fishing boat cannot reach its destination port or anchorage ahead before the wind strengthens, it should choose a nearby quay to berth or anchor in safe waters to avoid the wind. When choosing a quay to anchor at, you should increase the docking cushion of the fishing boat and strengthen the mooring line. When we choose to anchor in a shelter, we should keep a proper distance from other fishing boats and forbid multiple boats to anchor together. Fishing boats should always check the berth and anchoring situation after anchoring and pay attention to the surrounding vessels. If you find a fishing boat or another vessel at anchor, you should take measures to prevent a collision, reefing, or running aground in time.

Observe after typhoon

In the event of heavy winds and rain, staff must wear tight-fitting mackintoshes with waist and cuffs tied to prevent the wind from picking them up. When the fishing boat is in motion, we must take care to prevent slippage and, if necessary, wear lifelines to prevent people from falling into the water. When the typhoon warning is lifted or after a gale has passed, we should check the hull structure, main equipment, and working gear of the fishing boat. If the fishing boat is seaworthy, we must be aware of tidal anomalies and navigational markings after the wind.

These are the tips about how to protect yourself against typhoons when using a fishing boat. Qingdao Yamane Ryu Yacht manufacturing Co.LTD is a sino-Japan joint boat manufacturer have more than 15 years of experience. Main produce fiberglass and aluminum fishing boats, landing craft transport boats, and so on. If you need fishing boats, you can consider our cost-effective products. Qingdao Yamane Ryu Yacht manufacturing co.LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, so you can have no worries.




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