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A short introduction to patrol boats

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A short introduction to patrol boats

Patrol boats are small surface vessels used to perform patrol and vigilance or maintain border order in rivers and near-shore waters. Patrol boats are mainly tasked with escorting navigation and fishing, searching and rescue, border guard traffic, and coping with emergencies. Patrol boats are equipped with small-caliber guns, machine guns, and equipment needed to accomplish certain special tasks. At present, patrol boats are not only used for military purposes but also have a wide range of uses in civil society. Here we introduce the knowledge about patrol boats.

Here is the content list:

l Classification of patrol boats

l Features of patrol boats

l Main uses

Classification of patrol boats

Patrol boats can be classified into coastal patrol boats, border patrol boats, inland river patrol boats, etc. according to the use of water. Coastal patrol boats generally have a displacement of about 100 tons and are mostly of the displacement type, with a speed of about 30 knots. Japanese patrol boats have a slightly larger displacement, mostly around 200 tons, and are usually equipped with one 20mm gun or 12.7mm machine gun. The displacement of border and river patrol boats is a dozen tons to tens of tons. The ship type is mostly gliding boat, speed 20-30 knots, shallow draught, generally using water jet propulsion, good maneuverability, usually using glass fiber reinforced plastic hull; a few use ground effect wing boat type, air cushion boat type and other new ship types.

Features of patrol boats

China has border patrol boats of ground-effect wing type, with a total weight of about 5 tons and a maximum speed of 70 knots, which are used for duty on boundary rivers and lakes in high-latitude areas. Russian "Birdling" class hovercraft patrol boats are built with modular design, are easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be quickly transported by various means of transportation and even aircraft. Some of the new patrol boats have excellent navigation performance and can perform tasks in swamps, turbulence, shoals, ice storms, snow, and ice areas that are difficult to reach by general vehicles and boats, rotate the personnel on duty at the border cards and carry out disaster relief, etc.

Main uses

There are three main uses for patrol boats. The first one is to patrol at sea to maintain maritime rights and maritime resources. The second is to guard the coast to prevent criminals from approaching the coast. The third kind is to provide service support for ships to safeguard work boats. Now many people think that patrol boats are ordinary patrol boats for fishing boats, but this perception is actually wrong. As the most important means of transportation at sea, patrol sailing boats and sea patrol boats are equally powerful in combat. The modern navy requires more and more strength and wave resistance of the hull to ensure the normal navigation of the ship and the safety of the personnel at sea. Patrol boats have strong wind and wave resistance and good wave resistance, and are able to perform patrol tasks under adverse weather conditions and provide effective protection for personnel or equipment in emergency situations.

We have briefly introduced the patrol boats above. With the increasing use of patrol boats, each of us may come into contact with patrol boats. At this time, it is extremely important to have some knowledge about patrol boats. We hope this article will help you to understand patrol boats.




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