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A brief introduction to house boats

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A brief introduction to house boats

A house boat is a boat specifically designed to meet the needs of the owner, based on the common needs of family living and recreation. When moored in a fixed location, house boats can usually rely on land-based water and power facilities to operate. When cruising on the water, the house boat's own system is fully capable of ensuring its normal operation. Many owners affectionately refer to their house boats as "mobile homes on the water".

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l Basic knowledge

l Classification

l Market Status

Basic Knowledge

House boats are still little known in China, but in countries with developed water activities in Europe and the United States, house boats have long been an integral part of boating, especially in inland lake areas. The United States is a country with a long and mature development of house boats. In the last decade or so, from the improvement of infrastructure construction to the latest series of products launched by house boat manufacturers, house boats have been pushed to a higher market position, and many people have started to buy house boats to experience the leisurely life on the lake.


House boats are broadly classified into three types. Simple-type house boats can be divided into two kinds. One is the single cabin simple type, which is generally a single cabin layout on one floor, relatively small and suitable for short-term vacation or short-distance water transportation for 2-3 people. The other is the medium-sized house boat, mostly two or three tiers, generally with less than 4 bedrooms, and quite a complete household equipment. It can fully satisfy cruising in certain areas and is suitable for families and friends to go out together, as well as for a longer time on the water. Finally, there is the large house boat, usually four or more decks, with at least five bedrooms and a full range of equipment, as long as they can match almost anything. Usually, the larger house boats are also the most luxurious, with some equipped with beach landing vehicles for people to drive around the land areas of the lake, and some even equipped with top-level helicopter platforms for landing and taking off.

Market Status

In Hong Kong under the high property prices, gold-collar people go off the beaten track and buy house boats back to life. The total price of each house boat is more than 2 million yuan, but compared to the high property prices in Hong Kong is still a lot cheaper. There are places in the country that hope that the development of house boats, yacht manufacturing, and other new industries to drive economic development. At present, the country is not equipped with a full harbor for boat buyers to dock, so the market has not opened.

As society progresses, more and more people enjoy an unrestricted life and long to be able to start a journey whenever and wherever they want. House boats can fulfill this dream. Not only can they set sail at any time, but they can also meet the basic needs of life to the greatest extent. If you also like to have an unrestricted trip in the ocean without time constraints, then a house boat is the best choice for you.




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