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2020 year Shanghai Boat Show.

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2020 China (Shanghai) 25th International Boat and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and 2020 Shanghai International Boat Show will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), 50000m2 presents a panoramic view of the entire industry chain of yachts.


The flagship exhibition of the Asian yacht industry chain - 2020 Shanghai International Boat Show has been established for 24 years. It is a comprehensive yacht exhibition with large scale, longest history, more exhibits and more brands in Asia. The only one in China is IFBSO International. The Yacht Show of the Yacht Alliance Platinum Members, the only yacht show held in China supported by overseas government associations and with the participation of overseas national pavilions, was awarded the exhibition certificate by the US Department of Commerce and awarded the Best Yacht Show in the Asia Pacific region for yacht manufacturing. Merchants, yacht equipment manufacturers, yacht clubs and other yachts in the whole industry chain and water leisure, waterfront resorts and related fields of enterprises and institutions provide the most valuable concentrated display opportunities, but also an important channel for companies to find potential buyers. The unique derivative of the 2019 lifestyle Shanghai show includes water sports, road fishing, RV camping, theme tourism, parent-child leisure and Shangpin life, forming a complete industrial chain exhibition combining yacht, Shangpin and leisure water industry. Bring a healthy lifestyle to the consumer groups that pursue quality of life, and lead the new trend of the yacht industry chain!




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