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2019 year Shanghai Boat Show .

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2019 (Shanghai) 23rd International Boat and Technical Equipment Exhibition, 2019 Shanghai International Leisure Tourism Exhibition, 6th (Shanghai) RV Camping Sports Industry Expo and "2019 Shanghai Official Boat Exhibition" Expo Life Style "209 Shanghai Shangpin Life Exhibition", Shanghai Hotel Engineering and Commercial Space Series Exhibition PLUS-Total Solution for Commercial Properties held concurrently. 200,000 square meters of exhibition area, sharing 2000+ high-quality exhibitors and 100,000 professional audience resources, forming a complete industrial chain exhibition combining yacht, Shangpin and leisure industry, bringing healthy lifestyle to the consumer group pursuing quality of life, leading the yacht The trend of the industry chain is new!



   No.5198 Beiershan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, China



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